UIView and Kenwood TH-D72 setup

First, I'll assume that you've loaded the driver that allows your rig to communicate with your PC over the USB cable.. If you have the Kenwood MCP-4A radio programming software running, then you're halfway there.

Plug the radio in to the computer.. You should hear the 'bong-bing' sound letting you know that Windows has recognized the radio.

Start up the MCP-4A program.. On the top bar, click on 'Setup'. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on 'COM Port Settings'. Note which COM port MCP-4A is using.

Close the MCP-4A program. Open UI-View. On the top bar, click on 'Setup'. In the dropdown menu, click on 'Coms Setup'... When the Comms Setup window opens, use the following settings:

Baud Rate -- 9600
Data Bits -- 8
Stop Bits -- 1
Parity -- None
COM Port -- (Same as what MCP-4 was using).
Handshaking -- NONE
Host Mode -- KISS
Use Binary Filter -- checked
Receive Only -- unchecked.

Click the OK button. Now shut down UI-View. (I'm assuming here that you have your call and other stuff already set up in UI-View).

Turn on your TH-D72. Set VFO 'A' to the local APRS frequency. VFO 'A' is the default VFO that the TNC uses.. (Unless you went in and manually changed it to 'B' in the menu system -- If that's the case, then use 'B').

Now you have to put the rig in 'Packet' mode... The 'TNC' button on the rig toggles the digital mode.. (This mode is displayed on the top left corner of the screen, near the Power setting indicator)..

The sequence is OFF, (no indication on the display), APRS then PACKET then OFF again. Press the TNC button until PACKET is displayed. You should also see a 'D' appear just to the right of the frequency that you have showing on VFO 'A'

Now you're ready to go... Start up UI-View. It should cause the radio to beacon once, and after that the program should start reading any APRS packets that it sees flying about..

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