Antenna mount installation to hatchback

The gutter mount i 'm using is a stainless steel by CTE. I believe that this is one of the best mounts very rugged and also i was using it for more than 4 years to my old car and it didn't have any problems with rust. 
I started by creating a small and thin metal plate that will go under the mount between the screws of the mount and the car(this is only for not damaging your car, some kind of protection). If you do not really care about your car you can go and screw the mount till you touch metal so you can have a good ground(car chassis).

Here are some pictures:

Antenna mount

Metal plate between the screws and the car

Antenna mount adjusted

After some research i finally decided to go with the mobile assembly cable by Diamond and specifically the RG-5MR which is a little bit better in performance than the simple RG-58. Also the cable is blue and really flexible, and has a total length of 5 meters, which it was perfect for me as i used it at its 90%.

Diamond Antenna RG-5MR (mobile cable assembly) 

It fits perfectly on the CTE antenna mount ,you can also see the picture bellow which is actually the finished job. In the car cabin the cable is hidden within the hatch door rubber and then under the carpets. The transceiver is located under the co-drivers seat. In general the mobile installation is very clean with no cables visible.

CTE Antenna mount + Diamond RG-5MR

The perfect thing about this kind of Antenna Mount is that you have a permanent installation and you do not have to take on and off all the time like you would do with a mag mount. Also you can install large mobile antennas such as the Diamond SG-7900, with no worries! I am currently using a small antenna the Diamond SG-7000 ,but i am planning to buy a Diamond SG-7500.

73 de SV1JRF
Happy New Year and best wishes!!!

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