Limassol 2m Repeater RV54(R4) upgrade and relocation

The Limassol club 5B4MS is happy to announce the relocation and upgrade of the RV54(R4) repeater. The system is currently operating with substantial improvement in performance and audio quality and should be easily accessible with a 2m handheld anywhere in the town of Limassol while mobile coverage is provided to most of the District except from north east (Kyperounta).

Future upgrades are still to be decided and include upgrade of antenna and upgrade of duplexer with extra cavities as we are still measuring a receiver de-sense of around 5-6dB while repeating function is on.

We would be very glad to hear you on the air. Attached is a coverage estimation of the system displaying two-way capability with portable (4W) transceivers.

73 de 5B8BE

R4 repeater coverage

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