Alinco DJ-G7 Extended TX

To extended unit TX for 420-430 Mhz and MARS operation remove battery, remove 2 long screws top 4 short screws middle and bottom, remove both knobs they are 2 pieces each,remove locking rings at both knobs.
Slide unit down and back towards you. You will see a blue jumper wire below the screen. Remove jumper wire by de-soldering it from the board(prefer that ,you need a fine tip soldering iron)or just cut it but do not forget to add some tape so you won't have any short circuit. Put back together the whole handheld carefully.
Hold function button in while powering on!!!
New range 136-169.995 and 420-469.995. Remember MARS operation requires a permit.

Use info at your own risk!!!

73 de SV1JRF

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