Midland Alan 860 TX Power Mod

What do you need:

1) Soldering Iron
2) Solder
3) Small screw driver(Philips)
4) Steady hand

The mod in general is very very simple. First of all you have unscrew the 4 small screws located in the rear of the unit. Two long screws at the rear top and two short at the rear lower of the unit. Carefully take apart the unit. The pcb will stay in its place because there is another screw holding it, which also is the connection screw of the antenna to the pcb. Unscrew and lift the pcb from the main front panel of the unit. At the bottom of this side of the pcb you will see a number of pads. Some are soldered some are not. The default setup is:

pad numbers(left to right)
OP8  OP6  OP1  OP2  OP3  OP4  OP5

(where O Soldered and X Not soldered)


This pad setup gives the default settings without any extra menus, like TX power increase and band select. To have access to the new menu of power increase just solder the second from the left(OP6).

So the new setup will be:


Just assemble the radio back, put the batteries in, and switch it on. Press the menu button several times, you should see a new menu, P.HI OFF/ON. Make your selection and press the PTT. Thats it!!!

You now have Low=5mW and Hi=500mW

PS: No instabilities found after careful measurement of the radio with the proper electronics equipment. Frequency stability is ok as well as the audio output from the transceiver.

Proceed at your own risk!!!

73 de SV1JRF 

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