Kenwood TM-D710GE is it compatible with the D710?

This is the new transceiver from Kenwood which actually is a D710 with embeded GPS functionality. So before making any previews of the transceiver i made a question to Kenwood about the compatibility of the new D710GE head with the old D710. Which means actually if the owners of D710's will be able to upgrade to D710GE with purchasing only the head of the D710GE. The answer from the official Kenwood UK follows.

My question:
i know that this might be too early to ask, but as i am an owner of 2 D710's i would like to know if you are going to sell the screen of the D710GE separately to upgrade the D710's to GE's.
Thx very much,
Kenwood UK
Dear OM – I’m told by Head Office that there are some differences in the main body of the TM-D710GE to accommodate the GPS functionality, so the GE head/front panel isn’t compatible with the current TM-D710E non-GPS model.   At the moment they have no plans to sell the head separately.
Best regards
David Wilkins – G5HY
Area Sales Manager - Communications Division
Kenwood Electronics (UK) Ltd

So from the response bad news ,the D710GE will not be compatible with the current D710 model. Well i am optimistic that with a firmware update to the old model it will be compatible, but it looks like we have to wait for something like that ,if ever come true!!!
73 de SV1JRF

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