Kenwood TH-D72e supplied antenna

I do not have much to say...but oh my god!! the supplied antenna of this amazing handheld is the worst E V E R! I noticed the poor performance each time i was heading outside with my handheld in my hand. I couldn't hit any digipeaters in my area except if i was in open space and looking the digi on the mountain! Also all the repeaters in 2m band were very difficult to reach with this antenna.
When i finally bought an antenna analyzer from MFJ ,first thing to do after measuring my home made long wire antenna ,was to start measuring my handheld antennas. By far Yaesu's and Icom's antennas were performing very well. But when i plugged in the d72's antenna i saw this!

Kenwood TH-D72e stock antenna
 I decided to go with the SRH-701 but because i could not find the Diamond one, i bought the D-Original SRH-701s

SRH-701s(a lot better than the stock antenna)


From the first minute i noticed the difference ,and now the digi hear me even with the EL tx power scale.


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