Kenwood TM-D710 repair TOKO FIlters procedure

As we all owners of that rig know ,the most common problem of the Kenwood D710 is the TOKO filters that "arrange" the narrow and wide reception in both bands. There are 4 filters in total. 1 Narrow and 1 Wide for band A and another set for band B.

TOKO Filters

50G = Narrow Band B
55G = Narrow Band A
50E = Wide Band B
55E = Wide Band A

Next there are pictures from my transceiver ,while i was changing the filters. You will also notice the electrolysis taking place to the faulty filters!!!

TOKO Filters, notice the faulty ones


Main PCB removed from shell

The bottom of the PCB, you can clearly see the older solder from the last repair

First filter removed one to go!

Finally i have to say that this was fairly easy repair(30min). The transceiver now is working like a charm, and finally after 2 months i have a fully operational transceiver in my car!!!

Proceed at your own risk!!!


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