Three new Amateur Radio Satellites!

See below information for these new satellites!! 
Horyu-4 / ChubuSat-2 / ChubuSat-3

HORYU-4 Kyushu Institute of Technology

1. Central frequency 437.375MHz (bandwidth: 500Hz) - CW beacon at 20wpm.
2. Central frequency 437.375MHz (bandwidth: 26kHz) - GMSK, FM data backup (FM data are missions data and OTHK), 9600bps.
3. Central frequency 437.375MHz (bandwidth: 16kHz) - AFSK, FM data (FM data are RTHK and backup for mission data and OTHK), 1200bps.
4. Central frequency 437.375MHz (bandwidth: 16kHz) - F3E, digi-singer mission data.
5. Central frequency 2400.3MHz (bandwidth: 400kHz) - BPSK, main FM data (FM data are missions data and OTHK), 100kbps

ChubuSat-2 Nagoya University
Uplink 145.815MHz, AX25/KISS with 1k2 AFSK
Downlink 437.100MHz, 9k6 GMSK CW

Uplink 145.840MHz, AX25/KISS with 1k2 AFSK
Downlink 437.425MHz, 9k6 GMSK CW Pre TLE for

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