Kenwood TH-D74 Extended TX mod (MARS)

After this mod your rig will be able to TX from 136Mhz to 174Mhz and from 410Mhz to 470Mhz. Proceed at your own risk.

The mod concerns the EU version of the traansceiver TH-D74E

1) Download the USB driver from Kenwood website(you should already have that)
2) Download the programming software MCP-D74(do not connect the radio yet!)

3) Remove the antenna and the 2 coaxial button caps, and unscrew the washers
4) Remove the rubber protection of the side connectors
5) Unscrew the 2 black screws with a Philips screw driver
6) Slide gently the metal part of the radio
7) Remove the rear bottom plastic shield

8) Locate R761,it is a small connector at the bottom left corner of the metal shield. See picture above. Remove this resistor and be very gentle!!! If you do not have experience with SMD components go to an expert.
10) Assemble the radio. After the mod reset your radio ,and now you unlocked the TX of your radio.

Watch carefully the youtube video that describe the way to deassembly the radio. 
I am not responsible for any possible damage that may caused to your radio due to poor skills. Proceed at your own risk!!!


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