MYVOIPAPP - MiniSip Server Review

I downloaded and used the free trial of this amazing SIP Server application. At first I was looking into the freepbx but I just wanted something more easily configurable and maintenance free. Also something that it would be more user friendly even to someone that is not a computer/networks expert.
After looking around I came up with MYVOIPAPP that distributes the MINISIPSERVER application for windows and linux. I installed the server to a windows PC as a test and I had a VOIP system up and running within 10 minutes. Not much knowledge required as the server’s software interface is very easy and anyone with just a little bit of computing knowledge can configure it.
To create extensions is also very easy! But I did not stopped there. I wanted to test the server under a linux operating system and so I did. Well I have to tell you the truth that I think that in Linux the server runs even more smoothly. The testing Linux machine was just a Raspberry Pi 3 with a 8GB card just because I did not had any 4GB cards around at the time of the test. The interface is exactly the same as in windows so I did not had any difficulty making the configuration.
I suggest you to give it a try! I think the best SIP Server available out there!


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