DV Mega ,Raspberry Pi and mmdvmhost

DV Mega and Raspberry Pi 3

Ok it is time at last!!!well many other sites and fellow radio amateur operators have articles for this setup but allow me to provide my view as well. First of all i must say that DV-MEGA has nothing in common with other digital hotspot devices and at this point i am refering to DV4MINI. DV-MEGA is a realiable device with no glitches using either G4KLX's DSTAR Repeater software or MMDMHost software. 

I must say that you have to choose between the 2 different softwares for every specific mode. If you want to use the DVMEGA for DSTAR hotspot then i suggest to use the DSTAR repeater software with IRCDDB running as well(G4KLX). Although the MMDVMHost software can handle DSTAR,DMR and Fusion(C4FM), i do not recommend it for DSTAR only use.
If you want to create a hybrid hotspot and/or single mode hotspot for DMR or C4FM then you have to go with MMDVMHost software. You need a DMR Id to proceed in any case so you have to register your call by inserting some information and sending you amateur radio license as well to the following link.

General thoughts

The cost of a finished build digital voice hotspot is the following

RPi 3 = 40 Euros
2 Amps PSU = 10 Euros
16 GB SD card = 10 Euros
DV-MEGA = 95 Euros
Rubber duck = 0 (supposed you have one from a handheld which is not in use)

So adding up the total cost is 155 Euros. Off course if you have an RPi laying around then the cost will be reduced.

DMR Hotspot

I have mine running a DMR Hotspot 24/7 and i must say that i am very pleased. I am running it with the MMDVMhost software. Very easy to setup if you have all the appropriate information (DMR id etc). The only thing is that you have to setup your radio as if it was to setup a repeater even though it is simplex. By this i mean that your radio must have RX frequency with 0Mhz - or +. 

After some test i noticed that DMR has a better modulation than DSTAR but not significant change to make you say WOW!!!

More info to follow with MMDVMHost setup instructions.


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