TYT MD-398 Review

The review for this handheld radio will be a quick one! First of all to sum up  
if you are an amateur radio operator

  • Robust construction
  • Splash proof
  • 10w tx power output
  • Big battery
  • Easy to program
  • One timeslot
  • Low tx power 4w
  • Bulky
  • Not amateur radio material
  • Bad modulation
  • Produces high BER even when you are 5m from the hotspot(when other radios are perfectly fine)
If you want to spend money on something better go a offer the value of this radio to someone who needs them because if you buy this radio is like throughing your money to a dumpster. For some people that think that there might be a solution to the one time slot thing, there is not!!! This radio only trasmit in one time slot TS2. You cannot use it on a repeater because you will produce a mess!!! Finally this radio is not support by the DMR community so you will not find information nowhere. Even TYT says do not buy this radio if you are an amateur radio operator!!!


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