Raspberry PI arrived!!!

Raspberry PI is currently operating in APRS SV1JRF-6 for testing purposes, basically to check its reliability. The first things to do after I transferred(installed) the image of Linux from the RPI's website is to set up vnc. SSH is already by default working and running as a service. After you finish with the setup of vnc(in our case tighrvncserver) you can access your Raspberry from a vnc viewer through your windows computer. No worries of making tight vnc auto start because you have ssh. Login with ssh and then just start the tightvnc service, typing tightvncserver in the command line. After that you have a instant running vnc server. Type the ip of your RPI and then its vnc instant meaning example 1 is the instant of the vnc server).
For APRS I am using XASTIR. Very good software ,but I cannot connect my wx station to XASTIR because it only supports serial connection and not usb.
If you have any clue of what do I have to do to make it work(xastir and usb wx station), please contact me!!!
More testing to come!!!
73 de SV1JRF

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