ICOM IC-746 psk31 sound card interface

To use the Icom ic-746(non-pro) with a computer and digital modes you need ,as in the majority of transceivers to construct a sound card interface.

This interface is very easy to build and uses an opto-coupler. The drawings are show below.

Simplified Icom ACC(1) output pins(bold is what we use, from the 8 pin din connector)

2  GND
3  PTT
6  SQL
7  13.8V Output
8  ALC

Now if you already have a sound interface for a Yaesu radio, as i did, you can construct an adapter to convert the 6 pin mini din(data input for the Yaesu) ,to the 8 pin din for the Icom. Bold is what we use to cross connect.

This is the output of the Yaesu

1  GND
3  AUDIO OUT(9600)
4  PTT
5  SQL
6  AUDIO OUT(1200)

So the cable will be:

Yaesu to Icom (pins)
     1    -     2
     2    -     4
     4    -     3
     6    -     5

You will need a 6 pin mini din female, a 8 pin din male connector and some good quality ethernet cable shielded. Finally you have to remove the mic from the transceiver or set the mic gain to 0, to operate digital modes. There is no setting to turn the transceiver in "digi mode", as in 746 pro ,and 7400.


Proceed with your own risk. I have no responsibilities if any damage will be caused to your equipment.

Για τους συναδέλφους από SV ,το 8 pin din βύσμα δεν θα το βρείτε πουθενά, τουλάχιστον εγώ δεν το βρήκα!!! απλά και ωραία το έφερα από το ebay με 2,5 Ευρώ τα 4 μαζί με τα μεταφορικά.

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